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Time to Shine
2022-2023 Classes

For students Ages 2 through High School

Time to Shine is proud to announce its 2022-2023 Line Up of Classes for students of all ages to provide training in musical theatre performance, dance, acting, voice, and piano. 

Each Time to Shine class offers every child an opportunity to train in all areas needed to become a true musical theatre performer. Students will learn how to dance in several dance styles, while also perfecting their skills in voice and acting. Classes vary depending on the age group.

Who can participate?

Classes are offered by Age and Grade Level. Students Age 2 through High School have an opportunity to join classes.

When are classes?

Classes are offered Monday-Thursday from 4:30-9:00pm weekdays (Times & Days vary by Age Group)

Where are classes?

All Classes are held at the Time to Shine Studio located at 5751 Kroger Drive Suite 195, Keller, TX 76244

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 CLASS SCHEDULE

At Time to Shine, our Musical Theatre classes are focused on building the triple threat musical theatre performer. Our students have 30 minutes where they focus on acting techniques that will build solid characterization skills, safe vocal projection, body awareness and tell stories that are understood by all audience members. They will also have 30 minutes of training in vocal technique where students will build strong breath support, learn and perfect proper mouth and body positions for singing and learn to read music. Finally, students will have one hour of dance technique where they will learn ballet, tap, and jazz skills and how to use those in various musical theatre styles. Most importantly, students in this class receive the tips and tools they need to be a strong performer by gaining confidence in themselves and in their work. Students will perform in the Fall showcase and the Spring production.

Musical Theatre Beginner   

     PreK-Kinder               Mondays          4:30-5:30pm

Musical Theatre I                  

     1st-3rd Grade            Thursdays        4:30-6:00pm
     4th-6th Grade          Mondays          4:30-6:30pm
     4th-6th Grade          Wednesdays   4:30-6:30pm 

Musical Theatre II                 

     1st-3rd Grade            Tuesdays         4:30-6:00pm *Pre-approval needed by the Director

Musical Theatre II                 

      4th-6th Grade          Tuesdays          5:15-7:15pm  *Pre-approval needed by the Director

Musical Theatre III                

     4th-6th Grade          Mondays          6:30-8:30pm *Pre-approval needed by the Director

Musical Theatre MS             

     7th-8th Grade           Wednesdays   6:30-8:30pm

Musical Theatre HS             

     9th-12th Grade          Tuesdays            7:15-9:15pm

Troupe is a company made of students who “performing is their life” and want extra weekly training. This particular group represents Time to Shine in the community, helps with fundraising events for the T2S Scholarship Fund and many other special opportunities. Troupe is an amazing opportunity for the kid who truly loves to shine and is a heavy time commitment. Students who are interested in joining Troupe must re-audition each Fall and commit to an entire year. Students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 2 hours of Time to Shine classes each week.


     3rd-8th Grade           Thursdays       6:00-8:00pm 

Troupe Elite                          

     3rd-8th Grade           Thursdays        6:00-8:00pm

At Time to Shine, our Dance program is based on the fundamental elements of technique and skills in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop dancing. In ballet, students will learn and understand basic ballet technique, which includes proper posture and teaching the use of appropriate ‘turn out’. Students focus on the lines of their bodies and being able to move across the dance floor with ease and fluidity in their body. In tap, students develop and demonstrate different sounds, rhythms and movements of the feet. Students develop coordination and rhythmical footwork throughout the class. In jazz, students develop flexibility, core strength and rhythmical coordination of the body. Students will learn how to use their bodies in turns, jumps and choreographed movement. In hip hop, students get to explore this free-form dance style where they learn how to create street-style movements in rhythmic patterns. This is a class full of energy and fun for all ages.
Combination Classes     

Ballet/Tap Combo            
     2-3 Year Olds              Wednesdays    4:30-5:00pm
     PreK-Kinder                 Wednesdays    5:00-5:45pm

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo
     1st-2nd Grade            Mondays           5:30-6:30pm
     3rd-4th Grade            Tuesdays          6:00-7:00pm 


     3rd-6th Grade            Wednesdays    5:45-6:30pm
     7th-12th Grade           Mondays           6:30-7:15pm

     3rd-6th Grade             Thursdays         4:30-5:15pm
     7th-12th Grade            Mondays            7:15-8:00pm
     3rd-6th Grade            Thursdays          5:15-6:00pm
     7th-12th Grade            Mondays           8:00-8:45pm 
 Hip Hop
     1st-3rd Grade              Thursdays          6:00-6:45pm 
     4th-8th Grade            Tuesdays            7:15-8:00pm
At Time to Shine, our Acting program is based on a practical aesthetics approach to story-telling. Students will develop the skills to create characters of all genres and styles, become aware of their body and how to use it in characterization, develop a strong and protected voice that has full projection and intonation, and will learn how to create an ensemble with the students in their class. Our acting program is designed for students to gain confidence in themselves and their work. It is also a chance for students to take risks and create trust amongst their fellow actors. Students will perform in a night of scenes in the fall and in the spring production.
     1st-3rd Grade              Mondays           5:00-5:30pm 
     4th-8th Grade            Mondays            5:45-6:30pm 
At Time to Shine, our Group Voice classes are designed for students to build their singing voices in a smaller group setting. Students will focus on their breath support and vocal range while building their singing repertoire. This environment will allow our students a more one on one approach where they can improve on their singing skills. All group voice students will participate in a vocal recital at the end of each semester.
     1st-3rd Grade              Mondays           4:30-5:00pm 
     1st-3rd Grade              Wednesdays    5:30-6:00pm 
     4th-8th Grade            Mondays            5:15-5:45pm
     4th-8th Grade            Tuesdays           5:00-5:30pm
     4th-8th Grade            Tuesdays           6:45-7:15pm
At Time to Shine, our Group Piano classes are designed for students to build their piano skills in a smaller group setting. Students will focus on proper hand placement and coordination, musicality and performance. This environment will allow our students a more one on one approach where they can improve on their piano playing skills. All group piano students will participate in a piano recital at the end of each semester.
     1st-4th Grade              Tuesdays          4:30-5:00pm
     5th Grade-Up             Tuesdays           5:00-5:30pm 

Join the Time to Shine Family

No prior performing experience is necessary.


Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Class Tuition:

For Performance, Dance, Acting, Group Voice and Group Piano Classes, add the total number of minutes and hours for each individual student to calculate tuition.
Class tuition is a monthly fee, based on 34 classes per year and is divided into 10 payments billed August 2022-May 2023.

*The student and family max is per month. The cost excludes additional expenses such as, private lessons, performance fees, and additional items for shows.

*Each student will be charged $60 performance fee for each class at time of enrollment and on Feb. 15th of that season. (This fee is nonrefundable and this excludes private lessons, Troupe and Troupe Elite)

*Troupe and Troupe Elite will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $250 September 15th and January 15th of that season.

*Once an individual student or a family has met their max, students may attend as many classes as they wish but the $60 performance fee still applies to each enrolled class. 

Student Max: $315
Family Max: $595

TOTAL CLASS TIME:                AMOUNT:

30 Minutes                  $60
45 Minutes                  $75
1 Hour                      $90
1 Hour 15 Minutes $105

1 Hour 30 Minutes $115
1 Hour 45 Minutes $125
2 Hours $135
2 Hours 15 Minutes $145
2 Hours 30 Minutes $155
2 Hours 45 Minutes $165
3 Hours $175
3 Hours 15 Minutes $185
3 Hours 30 Minutes $195
3 Hours 45 Minutes $205
4 Hours $215
4 Hours 15 Minutes $225
4 Hours 30 Minutes $235
4 Hours 45 Minutes $245
5 Hours $255
5 Hours 15 Minutes $265
5 Hours 30 Minutes $275
5 Hours 45 Minutes $285
6 Hours $295
6 Hours 15 Minutes $305
6 Hours 30 Minutes $315


Private Lessons Available

Voice • Acting • Dance • Show & College Audition Prep